About Us

Our Mission: We want to be the main supplier of high quality weather shelters for all the industries in our west coast region.

Fred Linder, President

"When I was young I spent my free time building things with my dad. I was drawn to sketch pads, welding machines and people who shared the joy of creating things. Life has moved so quickly and today those same joys became an organization. We call it business and a career but it still means the same thing. We get to create amazing structures for people and with people that we connect with. Life is too short for anything less."

Fred Linder

Daniel Linder, Installation Supervisor

"What makes me tick is overcoming obstacles. Personally and professionally there is nothing more fun than a real life puzzle. I believe that all problems can be solved, If we just work at it hard and smart. Pick the conundrum apart, realize what works and fix the part that does not work. I'm proud of the Lindome team. We solve the problems put in front of us professionally and have fun doing it. What puts Lindome at the head of the competition is that we are a family. Everybody, not just the people that are related."

Daniel Linder