The Lindome Story

In 1983, Ove Linder came from Sweden equipped with steel and fabric structure experience, know-how and a dream of building a business in Canada. His future company would design and manufacture industrial-grade structures while adhering to the Scandinavian principles of simplicity, efficiency and unparalleled quality workmanship he held near and dear.

Over the past 39 years, Lindome Structures has built thousands of fabric dome structures throughout BC, across Canada and throughout the Pacific Northwest. We’ve served clients in diverse industries including forestry, mining, marine, manufacturing, transport, aeronautics, construction, farming, events and sports. Many of these original buildings still stand today, utilized by our friends and customers as they go about their work and play.

How can we be of service to you?

Welcome to the Lindome family

Today, Lindome is a second-generation family company that still prides itself on an industrial quality product, built around our core design principles – safety, strength and longevity. More than that though, we are a diverse team of creative thinkers, builders, designers, and problem solvers – dedicated to helping our customers match their unique needs and intended use with the right structure solution.


Growth Through Partnership

As part of our range of solutions, Lindome is proud to be the exclusive Canadian distributor and installation partner for HALLGRUPPEN, a European manufacturer of steel truss structures. They specialize in large format buildings, utilizing both fabric membranes and solid exteriors, with insulation options that are uniquely effective. Direct access to Hallgruppen’s product range, manufacturing capacity, and worldwide expertise allows us to provide considerable added value to our clients.

We Believe

We Believe in Team. We are a family company and treat all the team as members of our family; in turn, our team will treat our customers with that same level of care and attention. Safety is non-negotiable – we value people before profit. We like to have fun and we always endeavour to find a positive road forward where success is mutual. We take ownership and are accountable – to ourselves, each other and to those we serve.

We Believe in Process. Our systems and process offer a strong roadmap for our team, to guide and empower them to take ownership and rise to leadership. If a challenge arises, we look for a system correction before a people correction. We follow our systems and process with diligence because we understand that this offers consistent, safe and high-quality outcomes for ourselves, our team and our customers.

We Believe in Growth. As a company, we are focused on growth; our people through training, opportunity and leadership; our company through expansion and financial management; of our stakeholders through innovation, process improvements and clear communication.

We Believe in Gratitude. We know the path forward isn’t always easy but we are reflective, thoughtful and appreciative of our relationships, opportunities and successes. We regularly give thanks and celebrate.

Meet the Team

Great people make great companies possible. We’re thrilled to introduce the people that make up the Lindome family!

Fred Linder

Owner and President

When I was young I spent my free time building things with my dad. I was drawn to sketch pads, welding machines and people who shared the joy of creating things. Life has moved so quickly and today those same joys became an organization. We call it business and a career but it still means the same thing. We get to create amazing structures for people and with people that we connect with. Life is too short for anything less.

In my free time, I’m an outdoor person. I like to run, hike, camp, go sailing with my family, and explore dirt roads on a

Daniel Linder

Installations Supervisor

What makes me tick is overcoming obstacles. Personally and professionally there is nothing more fun than a real life puzzle. I believe that all problems can be solved, If we just work at it hard and smart. Pick the conundrum apart, realize what works and fix the part that does not work. I’m proud of the Lindome team. We solve the problems put in front of us professionally and have fun doing it. What puts Lindome at the head of the competition is that we are a family. Everybody, not just the people that are related.

When not at work, I like to play hockey a few times a week and go camping and skiing when I have time.

Karina Linder

Project Manager

With Lindome, I really enjoy working with different clients and exposure to different industries.

Outside of work, I really enjoy softball, skiing and spending time with my family.

Noah Russell

Sales Manager, Major Project Sales

I love problem solving and working with our clients to help better understand their needs so that we can find great Structure Solutions for their projects. I believe that solid relationships in business require open minds, mutual respect and the desire to be of service as a key approach. I welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique building needs.

When not working, my interests include time with family and friends, cooking, reading gardening and exercise. Really enjoy a great bike ride, a swim in the ocean or a long hike in the woods.

Tim Smith

Shop Forman

Lindome is a fast paced work environment with a close community of hard working people. I love that
our projects are always unique.

Outside of Lindome time, I spend my time restoring old cars, camping, and computer programming.


Kanwarjeet (Kavi) Singh

Installations Supervisor

I love the people here. We treat each other like family and spend time communicating about what works and what doesn’t. There is a real culture around safety and professionality.

When not at work, I like to spend time in the outdoors, hiking and boating.

Iqbal Singh Brar

Fabric Shop Forman

I enjoy the work environment. It’s very friendly and the staff go out of their way to help everyone.

When not working, I enjoy going on long drives with my friends. I love music and spending time with my family.

Richard Mueller

Site Lead, Installations Supervisor

Lindome is great because it’s a good team of people. I also enjoy working outside and like the physical labour.

On my own time, I really like fixing cars, camping, and skiing.

Join the Team

With a busy job-market, you might ask, “Why Lindome”? We believe that Lindome is a great opportunity to be part of a team that feels like family (and not the dysfunctional kind!). We like to learn, to laugh and to grow together as we build great structures and find daily solutions to unique challenges. From welders and installers, to project managers and sales people, Lindome has a position that will value your skills and talents. Apply today – you’ll be glad you did!

Our Solution Partners

We’re proud to work with a number of industry professionals and associated companies that allow us to offer our customers a broader range of products and services as well as leveraging a diverse talent pool of expertise. We’re proud to call these individuals and companies our partners in shared success.