Services - Fabric doors and partitions

The Lindome Structures in-house fabric welding team allows us to offer fully customized fabric applications.

We use the toughest, fire-retardant, PVC-coated fabrics which make them the most durable in the industry and increases the lifespan of our portable fabric covered buildings.

At Lindome Structures we offer Polyethylene and Vinyl fabrics. Polyethylene rolls has a fabric life of 12 years, is fire retardant, mold and mildew resistant, and blocks harmful UVA/UVB rays.

For more than 30 years we have incorporated custom fabric solutions in our custom-built structures but now our fabric doors and partitions have been designed to be used in any industrial setting.

Soft partitions, fabric curtains, and fabric walls are an economical solution for inside use. Partitions can be used in welding curtains and retractable spray booths for containment of air born contamination including grinding dust, saw dust, odors, fumes, and paint overspray.

Partitions may also be used as room dividers.

SIX advantages of our fabric doors:
  1. Custom designed and custom built in-house,
  2. Available in a large range of sizes
  3. Fastens to existing door openings
  4. Manual and remote-operated options available
  5. Suitable for harsh climates, including high wind loads
  6. Single-wall and double-wall options available
Additional uses for our custom-designed fabrics:
  • New covers for existing tent structures
  • Insulated fabrics
  • Insulated tarps and covers (roll up truck tarps)
  • Insulated construction blankets (for cold weather projects)

Fabric Doors and Partitions

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