Benefits Built Right In

A Structure Solution

We know what it takes to make a project viable. Our structures offer built in benefits that balance cost and time efficiency without sacrificing our core principles of safety, strength and longevity.

Time Efficient – Rapid Response

From proposal to installation in 6 months or less – our modular steel and fabric structures are much faster to design, engineer, fabricate and install than any traditional construction. Shorter lead times means usable space sooner – getting you out of the weather and back to business quickly.

Application Specific

Form always follows function. Our discovery process is designed to understand how you’ll use the space, equipment required, access, storage efficiency, comfort and constraints. Site specific considerations for foundations, engineering, loads and workflow. Every structure is purpose built for the intended application.

Amazing Value

Value is always about more than just up front cost. Lindome Structures offer lower build costs, lower operating costs and lower maintenance costs than traditional buildings of a similar size. Materials utilized in fabrication ensure longevity of the product and incredible ROI on your investment.

Lifetime Adaptable

The modular nature of our system allows for flexibility as the user’s needs change over time. Extend or shorten the length, add new doors, openings or gable ends, increase ventilation or climate control – we know that nothing remains static and our buildings can adapt to meet new demands. Changing land values and zoning mean today’s location may not be tomorrow’s – 100% relocatable.


Solutions Made Easy

Choosing the right structure and making the investment in a fabric membrane building doesn’t have to be tough. Lindome has developed a clear process to help our customers understand and clarify what design elements are right for them and which structure solution best solves their unique application requirements.

Asking Better Questions

The key to helping our customers begins with understanding what they want to cover and how they intend to use the space.

Ongoing Education

As a team, our aim is to always be learning – new skills and new ways to solve problems.

Clear Communication

From consultation and design, to fabrication and installation, we keep our customers updated on their project status.

Right Things, Right People

Every customer is unique. Our solutions are designed to match the right structure and the right team to ensure project success.