Lindome Rentals


When rapid deployment is critical or space needs are temporary, Lindome’s portable rental shelters might be a good fit. Modular design, fast installation and lightweight for transport – these temporary tent structures can be where you need them – now. Ideal for emergency response shelters, jobsite workshops, Covid check-in, seasonal storage or industrial site turnarounds. Call us today to get pricing and availability. Minimum 3 month rental required.

Industrial tent rentals available for temporary and long term coverage solutions. 10m wide x 24m long (modular kits)
  • Frame made of 6061 T6 Anodized aluminum box-beam frames, spaced 3 or 4m centre on centre.
  • Connecting purlins of aluminum square tube.
  • Stabilization bars made of galvanized tubing are used instead of cables. This allows for safe and rapid installation as well as rigid building design.
  • End frames designed with a two-piece, fabric sliding door sized at 4m x 4m.
  • WHY? Frames are lightweight, easy to install and designed for speed and ease of transport. Great for emergency response and temporary tent structure applications.

Available Accessories

Choose accessories that help your space meet your needs – vehicle, equipment, and personnel doors, heat and ventilation solutions, lighting, anchoring and more.

Why Lindome?

We’re here to listen and understand, to clarify and assist. In a market that is full of choice, we want to you choose Lindome because we strive to earn your trust and confidence at every step.


is non-negotiable.

Design, material selection, fabrication, and installation – every decision we make is focused on safety as a core principle.


is built right in.

Each building is designed to ensure that the structures we install will be worry free and stand tough through heavy use. We never sacrifice strength for margin.


is measured in decades.

We choose materials that stand up to industrial use. Incredible value, 100% relocatable, impressive resale and the security of knowing that your investment is built to last.