Why choose ShedPro?


The right solution for open sided storage and warehouse applications as well as extending off existing building roof lines, the ShedPro profile is a rigid workhorse. Drive through loading and directed run-off for water and snow make this specialized design highly functional. Ideal for high turn product storage, building materials suppliers, warehouse extensions and loading docks.

Widths from 30’ to 100’ and anything in between Side legs 10’ and up, expandable to any length
  • All trusses and structural components are fabricated using HSS square or rectangular tubes rated at 50,000 lbs./sq./ft yield to ASTM A500 or CSA G40.21
  • Tube dimensions vary from 2″ x 3″ to 4″ x 6″. Material thicknesses range from 1/8″ wall to 1/2″ depending on building size and severity of snow loading.
  • Galvanized tubing is used instead of cables to brace these buildings. This allows for safe and rapid installation as well as rigid building design.
  • Lindome is CSA A660 certified and welding is done to CWB A47.1 standards ensuring product quality and safety standards are our primary design objectives.
  • WHY? Most of our clients work in heavy industry and our focus is on buildings that have the strength and longevity to stand up to harsh conditions and usage.

Available Accessories

Choose accessories that help your space meet your needs – vehicle, equipment, and personnel doors, heat and ventilation solutions, lighting, anchoring and more.

Why Lindome?

We’re here to listen and understand, to clarify and assist. In a market that is full of choice, we want to you choose Lindome because we strive to earn your trust and confidence at every step.


is non-negotiable.

Design, material selection, fabrication, and installation – every decision we make is focused on safety as a core principle.


is built right in.

Each building is designed to ensure that the structures we install will be worry free and stand tough through heavy use. We never sacrifice strength for margin.


is measured in decades.

We choose materials that stand up to industrial use. Incredible value, 100% relocatable, impressive resale and the security of knowing that your investment is built to last.