Welcome to Lindome Structures 101! Find information on sales and rental processes, financing, engineering & building permits plus up-to-date guides on our ranges of products and services. Frequently Asked Questions provide some quick answers to regular questions.

Sales and Rentals




How much lead time is required for order to completion?

We normally expect that time from accepted proposal to completed install would be 6 months or less. Some standard profile structures can be completed in as little as 12-16 weeks and more complex or custom projects could have additional time needs. Delays caused by permitting, site prep, supply chain or transport are not included in this estimate.

How long are proposals and pricing valid for?

Proposals offer 15 day price validity due to current market volatility in steel, fabric and freight. Often pricing can be held stable beyond this time period but price changes due to market costs are only protected for the period stated on the proposal document.

What are deposit and payment terms?

Our standard terms are:

5% deposit for design and engineering (to produce IFP drawings)

50% manufacturing deposit for purchase of raw materials and fabrication

25% instalment when freight arrives on site

Balance due on substantial completion

Is financing available?

We work with an external leasing partner to provide options for financing your building purchase. They offer both straight leases and lease-to-own options, with terms from 24-72 months OAC. Please inquire if interested or see our Understanding Lease/Finance Options resource paper above.

Do I need a permit? How do I apply for one?

In most municipalities, a permit is required for any installed structure larger than approx. 100 sqft (i.e. a garden shed). Some agricultural areas or regional district may not require. To be sure, we suggest that you check with the building planning department in your local area to confirm if required. Please see our Understanding Permits resource document for greater detail.

Are Lindome Structures engineered to meet building codes?

Every Lindome structure is designed to meet site specific loads for snow, wind and seismic as per the applicable building code. We utilize an external, independent engineer to analyze all our buildings to ensure unbiased review. Stamped drawings are included with every building.

Does this fabric building meet fire code?

Our structures are fabricated using steel frames and vinyl PVDF exterior skins. The vinyl fabric is fire-rated for flame spread, carrying the CAN ULC S-109 designation. Materials are non-combustible, however we are not code-consultants and municipalities each treat fabric structures differently. Check with your local building planning dept for interpretation. We are happy to provide flame certs and testing data as required.

Where do you deliver and install? How far away do you work?

Lindome is based in Delta, BC, Canada. Our primary market is BC and Alberta although we have worked across Canada and into the USA. We also offer structures for worldwide shipment for installation by others and have numerous installation partners who can facilitate projects in other regions.

What fabric covers do you offer?

100% of our structures are built using a 26oz vinyl PVDF. This fabric offers numerous advantages including being fire rated (CAN ULC S-109), UV protected and lacquered to reduce dirt and mildew on the surface. The vinyl retains both tensile strength and flexibility for 15+ years meaning it can be moved and re-installed many times. Vinyl can also be heat welded on site for weather tight repair or modification.

Some competitors will suggest that a poly weave (PE) fabric is equivalent however, most of these have a much shorter lifespan, becoming brittle after 5-10 years of UV and are not repairable on site without glue on patches that rarely hold-up over time. While slightly less expensive to purchase up front, we feel this is a poor investment for our clients over time and greatly reduces resale values (as most moves require a new top).

What warranty does Lindome offer on the structures?

The Lindome Warranty is prorated with a 20 year term on the frame and up to 15 years on the fabric. Some specialty items including fabric doors or insulated membranes may carry shorter warranty periods. The warranty agreement requires certain obligations be met by the user to maintain the structure and to make timely repairs or any user caused damage. Please inquire for a copy.

How long does it take to install a structure? What is the process?

Each proposal includes an estimated number of days for install. A few things affect the efficiency of an installation including pre-install site prep, weather conditions, crew numbers and complexity however, a general rule would be approximately 1000-1500 sqft/day. Project with higher finishing details (doors, fans, service penetrations) will add days to the schedule.

How does my site need to be prepared for a successful installation?

In order to facilitate a safe and efficient installation of your structure, we ask that you ensure the following:

  • Ground preparation must be level and graded by others.
  • Overhead power lines must be de-energised or removed prior to installation. Underground services, if ground anchored being used, must be clearly mark and a BC OneCall Report provided.
  • Sufficient flagging or traffic management provided to maintain safe distance for pedestrians, vehicles and/or the general public.
Can I install my own structure?

Maybe. If you have a reasonable competency around construction and project planning, then it may be possible for you to work with instructions provided and install the structure yourself. Our normal equipment required includes forklift, man-lifts, crane and basic hand/power tools. Some of these require special ticketing to legally operate as well as fall-arrest certification to work at heights. For most of our clients, the quoted cost of install provides efficiencies in both time and dollars while ensuring safety and product quality. If you are inquiring about a remote location or have the necessary experience, we remain happy to sell you a structure for self-installation.

Where are your structures manufactured?

Our primary manufacturing facility is in Delta, BC where we have both a metal fab shop and a fabric bay. Our facility is certified by CWB and welders have their 47.1 designation. We are also CSA A660 certified for steel buildings, a designation that confirms our adherence with Canadian standards for quality of design, fabrication, handling and proper installation.

We also have a distribution partnership with a European manufacturer that allows us to offer a broader range of profile options and to leverage their international team of experts to the benefit of our customers. Items fabricated in Europe can also be done under the CSA certification when required.

Do you repurchase old buildings?

We don’t often repurchase old buildings however, we are always happy to assist our clients in re-selling their old Lindome structures, including dismantle, modification and re-installation services. We offer our online marketplace for resale tents as a place to advertise and reach a ready market.

If you have a building manufactured by another company, we may still allow use of our resale marketplace, subject to a review of the structure’s condition and determination that it’s a fit with our client base.