Services - Rental options

Renting a portable structure is just as convenient as renting equipment for a job contract. We make sure that renting from us is easy to do, cost-effective, and all of our portable fabric storage buildings are designed for quick assembly and disassembly.

Choose a standard-sized building that suits your needs and we will set up a low monthly rental. Decide to keep the structure? We offer excellent buy-out prices should you decide to keep the structure.

Our Rental Buildings Promise to you:

  • Each structure is quick to install and disassemble
  • Our structures are made with heavy gauge fabric and steel truss members
  • Options include wheel mounted and crane lift able components

Our buildings can serve as portable shelters can provide a temporary solution or can be used for more than a decade. Increase onsite storage, maximize space, and cover your business assets with our rented fabric building solutions.

Fabric Building Rentals

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