Solutions Made Simple

Our 6-step Sales Process

Choosing the right structure and making the investment in a fabric building that will properly answer your needs doesn’t have to be tough. Our 6-step sales process makes it easy from your initial call through completed installation.


Asking Better Questions

Our discovery process ensures we and our client both understand the specific needs and intended use.


Clarify & Summarize

Timely communication that summarizes our learnings from discovery. Clearly written proposals that explain design, inclusions and scope.


Shop Drawings & Approval

Prior to fabrication, we share shop drawings for final review and approval.


Structure Fabrication

Laser cut steel, precision welding, hot dip galvanizing. Craftsmanship and quality that the Lindome team is proud to offer our customers.


Deliver & Install

Experienced installation teams work to safely and efficiently build your structure. Final checks and customer walk-through. Job done right.


Gratitude & Service

We appreciate your business and remain a partner for future service, repairs, maintenance or additional projects. Grateful for the opportunity and trust.

Our Values

Our Commitment

We are a solutions organization. We sell and rent modular steel and fabric structures that provide our customers with weather shelter and asset protection solutions, personalized to meet their needs.

People Helping People

We believe that people are our greatest asset. We relentlessly strive to build a work environment that offers opportunity, training and a recognition of people as valuable, caring and contributing individuals. Equipped with a great product and strong systems, our people are supported, empowered and enabled to help our customers fulfil their needs. When people help people, everyone benefits.

We Are Solutions

Our lifeblood is solutions; we seek to find creative, personal and effective structure solutions that solve our customers’ challenges. We focus on clear understanding and a directed process that assists our customers to identify, prioritize and articulate their needs. We are about possibility and innovation but above all, great solutions.

Never Cut Corners

The strength of our structures, our team and our process is the foundational belief that it needs to be done right – every time. We don’t cut corners or compromise our solutions; our commitment to excellence is evident in every structure solution we deliver – Safety, strength, longevity.

Stand With Integrity

We say what we’ll do and do what we say. We are honest in our communication and clearly share both success and challenges in a timely and forthcoming way.


Safety is a non-negotiable. From material selection and fabrication, through design and engineering, and for installation and customer usage – every decision we make is focused on safety as a core principle. We utilize external engineers to review all structure plans to ensure independent, unbiased and conservative confirmation that our structures meet or exceed code requirements. Lindome is proud to be CSA A660 certified for steel building fabrication and have the CWB 47.1 designation for our welding facilities. These affirm our commitment to quality manufacturing and installation and are aligned with our goal of 100% safety for our team and yours through the life of the structure.


Strength is built right in. Lindome only manufactures structures that meet or exceed the site specific loads as defined in the building codes of Canada. We consider climatic loads for snow, wind and rain as well as seismic when factoring in our structure models. Our frames are constructed from HSS square or rectangular tube rather than bent round tube like many of our competitors – we never sacrifice strength for margin. Each building is designed down to the individual members to ensure that the product we install will be worry free for decades.


We think in decades. All of our structure solutions are built with longevity as a core design principle. The quality of our frames, fabric and components ensures that the structure solutions we offer deliver the highest ROI in the industry. From post weld galvanization to our use of 26oz vinyl PVDF, we choose materials that we know will stand up to the industrial use they’re designed for. Incredible value, 100% relocatable, impressive resale and the security of knowing that your investment is built to last.